Block Spam and Viruses with Barracuda
Barracuda Service Overview

HIS has partnered with Barracuda to provide you the latest tools to prevent viruses and junk email from reaching your computer. HIS provides this service a as part of our commitment to bring you the most reliable, efficient Internet service available.

The Barracuda SPAM and virus filtering service is now available
for all Web/Email Hosting accounts hosted at HIS
or customer mail servers for domains whose DNS is hosted on our nameservers.

Monthly Barracuda Fee

One-Time Setup Fee

first 10 mailboxes
additional mailboxes
$5/month/10 mailboxes

We will set up Barracuda for a whole domain only (all existing email addresses have to be covered). To set up Barracuda, please provide the email address of the person who will act as Barracuda Administrator for the Organization/Domain.  This address must be a real mailbox at the covered domain. You'll use this address to sign on as the administrator for your domain.

Your domain must be hosted on HIS nameservers for us to provide Barracuda SPAM and virus filtering.

We will initally set up Barracuda for this administrator, then additional email boxes in your domain will be added automatically as spam for those addresses arrives.

You will be billed for the mailboxes that are covered by Barracuda: $5/month per 10 mailboxes or $60/year per 10 mailboxes. All mailboxes for a domain have to be covered by Barracuda.

 Barracuda spam and virus filtering is included at no charge with Zimbra accounts, including mailboxes on  It is optional for domains hosted on Plesk servers.

The Barracuda services are private and secure. The junk email and virus protection is an automated process. Nobody has access to your email except you. Nobody will read your email. Your email is not censored, YOU control the filter settings.

Here is a brief overview of the Barracuda service:

  • Your email passes through Barracuda's automated filters that detect suspected junk email and viruses.
  • Suspicious email is directed to your personal, web-based, password-protected Message Center (it does not arrive at your computer's in box). Think of this as a quarantine area. In your Message Center you can read the quarantined email online, delete it, or deliver (forward) it to your in box.
  • You will receive a daily quarantine report from Barracuda when new mail has been quarantined - you can deliver/delete/whitelist messages directly from this report without logging on to your quarantine.  We still recommend logging on to your quarantine, though, since new mail may have been quarantined since the notice was sent out.
  • Barracuda lets you "block" senders; meaning email from them will always be filtered. Or you can "approve" senders; meaning their email will always be delivered.
  • This service is completely controlled by you.

When your service is activated you will be sent instructions on how to access your Message Center and how to get the most out of your junk email and virus protection.

Status messages an news regarding the Barracuda service will be posted at, and there are some FAQs and documentation in our Knowledgebase.