Dedicated servers are dedicated to the needs of a single customer.  

A dedicated server is most appropriate when any of the following apply:
  • you expect your site or application to generate a high volume of traffic and you don't want to compete with other sites on a shared server for resources.
  • you have specific setup requirements (operating system, Apache version, php version, special software) not filled by shared servers.  
  • your site is mission-critical and can tolerate no downtime, even from server reboots.  Dedicated servers are rebooted only when doing so meets the needs of the single customer using it.
  • You need maximum security and don't want a server that also hosts other customers.
Dedicated servers can be configured just about any way you want.  Hardware is always dual CPU, dual power source, RAID drives, with redundant network connections.  Dedicated servers can be part of a custom server setup that might include having constantly-synced mirror sites in different cities, load-balancing setups, etc.  All dedicated servers get a full backup daily, with the past 5 days' backups kept online for quick access by HIS NOC staff.

Operating systems supported include Linux (RedHat, CentOS, Debian, Ubuntu) and FreeBSD.

CentOS Debian Linux Ubuntu Linux
Fedora Plesk FreeBSD