Email has long been an essential internet tool - when managed well your messages are received within seconds, and you can count on them arriving.

Competent email handling has become much more complex over the past few years - for more insight, see our section on spam.

Our email philosophy:
  • email, whether personal or business-related is mission-critical.  
  • Every message can be accounted for.  If you send a message that doesn't get delivered, we can track it through our network and tell you when it was delivered to (or rejected by) the receiving system.  Once a message has been handed off to the receiving system, we lose sight of it, but we can verify that our part of the job was done and how long it took to do it.
  • Email should normally be delivered within a few seconds - in many cases, less than a second. There are exceptions, of course - AOL and Yahoo can get backed up and stop taking mail for hours at a time, but our Operations staff monitors the outgoing mail queue by domain, so if a domain is having trouble, we know about it.
  • You should be able to access your mail the way you want to.  All HIS email accounts support POP3, IMAP and webmail access - if you have your own domain you'll have your own private webmail portal.
  • All email accounts have spam and virus filtering.  We offer two grades of filtering, and both do an excellent job of weeding out the junk.  Without effective spam filtering, email would be useless.
  • Privacy is a fundamental value here - no automated robots index your mail in order to display targeted advertising, and HIS employees do not have access to your accounts.
We offer a wide range of email options, ranging from individual personal accounts to dedicated servers capable of hosting tens of thousands of email accounts. Every customer account gets the same immediate attention - we know that email is critical for everybody.