HIS Data Backup Policy

    • All servers operated by HIS are backed up daily - backups are a standard feature at all account levels.
    • One week's backups are kept online for rapid retrieval.
    • Tape backups are made weekly.  Tapes are stored offsite for three months, then recycled.
    • All backups are encrypted to ensure that security is not compromised if tapes are lost or stolen.
    • Backups are performed primarily to enable us to recover quickly and completely from equipment failure or disaster. 
    • Customer data accidentally deleted by the customer can be retrieved from any backup on request; the fees for this service will depend on the quantity of data being restored and the complexity of re-integrating it with the customer's web site (i.e., html files are easy; restoring a database or email can be considerably more complicated).  We will inform the customer of the approximate cost of recovery before work begins.  We recommend that all customers keep local copies of important files so they can recover quickly from their own mistakes when making changes to their sites.