Domain Name registration

Domain Name Registration


A domain name is your organization's identity on the Internet.

HIS uses Tucows/OpenSRS to register/manage domain names.

We will process the registration for your .com, .org, .net, .biz or .info domain (subject to availability) for free. This includes paperwork and search for available domain names.

Web Hosting

Data Transfer/Bandwidth

HIS web server accounts get generous allocations of free data transfer per month. This allowance is much more greater than most high-bandwidth providers, and is designed to give the majority of sites predictable flat-rate billing.

Fewer than one percent of our sites exceed their monthly allowance.

Some providers limit the bandwidth available to individual web sites; we do not. All HIS sites have full-bandwith access to the Internet over our multi-homed connections and will be able to handle any bandwidth requirements, even if your site becomes extremely popular.

Note: If your site exceeds the data transfer limits set for your account, you will get an email notification.

If your web site is over your plan quota more than 5 days during the billing month, you will be automatically billed to the plan level matching your real usage.  This lets you go over for short periods without any impact on cost.

If you wish to go back to your previous billing level, please send us a note at support@his.com .

FTP Access

HIS-hosted web server accounts are accessible at all times via FTP (Internet File Transfer Protocol), which you can use to update and revise your web site as frequently as you wish, whenever you wish.

For FrontPage enabled accounts, we strongly recommend using FrontPage exclusively to publish your web pages.


Virtual web server accounts hosted by HIS get their own CGI-BIN directories for you to install and run the scripts you want.

In addition, all HIS hosted sites support the popular PHP scripting language, which allows you to mix PHP programming code with your HTML code to create a very flexible, powerful site.

Already-working CGI scripts can be posted by FTP.

On Shell Web Hosting Accounts, shell access via SSH provides more flexibility in testing and debugging CGI scripts, since you can edit and test your scripts directly on the server.

You can enhance your web site with one of these features::

  • Swish-E: Full text search Engine
  • Formmail: get the result of your forms by email
  • Bulletin Board
  • Guestbook

We will happy to set these scripts up for you (a set up fee applies).


Apache::ASP allows for the use of Active Server Pages utilizing Perl scripting (Perlscript) only.
It enables the development of dynamic web applications with session management and embedded Perl code.
Available for Web Hosting accounts using the Plesk Control Panel only.

Another (easier) scripting option for dynamic pages is PHP.

PHP PHP (Pre-Hypertext Processor) is a server-side, cross-platform, HTML embedded scripting language. It's a Server-side scripting language and enables the development of dynamic web applications with session management.

Perl is an interpreted high-level
programming language. Many CGI programs are written in Perl. All our web Hosting accounts support Perl.

mod_perl is perl imbedded in the Apache web server for super-fast performance and increased flexibility.
is available for Web Hosting accounts using the Plesk Control Panel only.


MySQL is a fast, robust database solution.

Databases are used for a variety of business purposes like storing, analyzing, correlating and manipulating key information such as shopping cart data, billing information, vendor prices, employee statistics and customer profiles. Access to meaningful information is critical to making sound business decisions and managing an online business.

PHPMyAdmin PHPMyAdmin is a web interface to MySQL. (written in PHP). You will be able to manage the databases your create, edit, modify and create tables as you need.
Available for Web Hosting accounts using the Plesk Control Panel only.  
PostgreSQL PostgreSQL is an open source database system, that began as an enhancement to the POSTGRES research prototype DBMS. Where POSTGRES used the PostQuel query language, PostgreSQL uses a subset of SQL.
Available for Web Hosting accounts using the Plesk Control Panel only.
phpPgAdmin PhpPgAdmin is a web-based administration tool for PostgreSQL.
Available for Web Hosting accounts using the Plesk Control Panel only.

Barracuda SPAM and Virus Filter


Block Spam and Viruses with Barracuda

HIS operates Barracuda Spam & Virus Firewalls in our cloud tto provide you the latest tools to prevent viruses and junk email from reaching your computer. The Barracuda filtering is extremely effective.

Barracuda filtering is included with mail.his.com and Zimbra accounts, and is available for a small fee for other types of accounts and for customers who operate their own mail servers.

Control Panel

Our Shared Web Hosting accounts include the Plesk Control panel

The Plesk Control Panel is a web based utility you can use to:

  • Change your FTP passwords.
  • Create and manage password-protected directories on your web site.
  • Create and manage email accounts for your domain.
  • Manage your log files.
  • Create/ manage your own SSL certificates
  • It includes phpMyAdmin to manage your databases and databases users.

Check our demo of the Plesk Control Panel: (click to bypass the warnings saying the sertificate belongs to vhostxxx.his.com)
then use:

user: pleskdemo.his.com
password: testing

to enter the Plesk Control Panel.
Web Users

Web Users are users who have a subdirectory under the main domain, i.e.: www.domain.com/~user, and have their own FTP access limited to this subdirectory only.
Available for Web Hosting accounts using the Plesk Control Panel only.

Shell Access
(secured through SSH)

Shell access is not available for HIS shared Web Hosting plans.

HIS VPS web server accounts are set-up with UNIX shell access, which you can use to update and revise your web pages directly on the server, rather than by having to edit them on your own computer and to upload them via FTP.
Shell access is particularly handy for testing and refining CGI scripts.

Shell access is NOT available on the Web Hosting Accounts that use the Plesk Control Panel.

SSL Secure Server

Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum Web Hosting accounts support "SSL" secure server features, which allow secure transactions for taking payments by credit card.

See our SSL Certificates pricing.
HIS charges a one-time setup fee (no additional monthly fee) to buy and install your digital certificate .

HIS has partnered with Verisign , Thawte and Geotrust to offer SSL certificates.

We will assist with the paperwork required for obtaining the certificate, including initial enrollment.

A variety of "shopping cart" packages are available.

You will need to make arrangements with your bank in order to set up VISA/MC/Amex/Discover merchant accounts so you can accept payments by credit card.

Extra Domain Hosting Under the Silver and Gold accounts, you can host up to 10 extra domains which share the same Web Document Root as the Main one. Extra Domains can have unlimited email redirects.
A one-time $25 set up fee applies to set up each new domain.
Access to Log Files Full access logs are kept for all HIS-hosted virtual web server sites. HIS provides several daily access reports, but you may wish to run your own analyzers against your raw log files, which you can access directly upon requestt.
We retain logs for 12 months for all sites, so special reports covering up to a full year are possible.
Daily Access Reports Web access reports are prepared daily for each HIS-hosted virtual web site:
  • Webalizer - individual months and past year summary. Summarizes entry & exit URLs, referrers (where people came from), agents (what browsers they used), search terms used in search engines that got them to your site, what countries your hits are coming from.
  • AWStats (Advanced Web Stats) reports are also available.

In addition, you can download your raw log files upon request and run your own report routines whenever you want.

Logs are retained for each site for 12 month.

POP/IMAP Mailboxes

HIS virtual server accounts come with email boxes, which can be accessed via POP or IMAP email protocols.

POP is recommanded if you access your email mostly from one location, it downloads your email onto your PC.

IMAP is recommanded if you need to access your email from many location, as it keeps messages on our server.

Web/Email Web hosting accounts allow for setting up unlimited mailboxes, the number of mailboxes is limited only by the Disk Space you use.

Email Group

Email groups several individual email accounts grouped together under one email address for convenient multi-copy messaging.

Available for Web Hosting accounts using the Plesk Control Panel only. They are not recommanded for more than 10 email addresses groups.

If you wish to setup a larger group, we recommand you set up a Mailing list.


Autoresponders send a message in response to any message sent to the address they are set up with.They are usually used for "Out of office" messages.

You can manage them from the Control Panel for Web/Email hosting accounts.

Submit a request to support@his.com to set up and auto-responder on a mail.his.com mailbox.

Dialup/Email Accounts
Modem Speed HIS dial-up connections support modem speeds of up to 56K using the K56flex or v.90 protocols.

Dial-up users may use any popular modem speed - 14.4, 28.8, 33.6 or 56K. Our POPs are all-digital, fed via fiber optics, so connections will be reliable and fast.

Regular dial-up users may use ISDN at 64K at no extra charge. 128K ISDN access is also available for an extra charge.

mail.his.com HIS dialup accounts include mailboxes on mail.his.com with 5GB of disk space. Disk space can be expanded if needed.

mail.his.com boxes are highly secure, and can be acccessed using encrypted connections using POP3, IMAP and webmail from anywhere in the world.

Barracuda spam and virus filtering is included at no extra charge.

As with all of our servers, mail.his.com is backed up daily, with the past week's backups available on disk for quick retrieval, and tape copies are stored offsite at a different HIS location.
Email alias

An email alias is nother email address you use to get mail sent to your main email box.

mail.his.com email users can have up to 2 aliases per mailbox, Email users whose mail is hosted under a Web/Email account can have unlimited email aliases.

Unlimited Interactive Access HIS dial-up accounts (either modem or ISDN) are designed to be flat-rate, and offer unlimited interactive access.

By "unlimited interactive access" we mean that you may log on as much as you wish, for as long as you wish, as long as you are actually using your connection interactively. Regular dial-up accounts are not intended to be left up continuously; we offer full-time accounts for that purpose.
Full Time Accounts
DNS Services We will provide full DNS (Domain Name Service) services for your domain and IP address block.
Most of our full-time customers operate their own SMTP mail servers; in such cases, our mail servers may be used as backups in the event yours becomes unreachable.

For customers who operate their own primary name servers, we will set up our name servers to act as secondary for any number of domains.

HIS name servers are hosted on three different backbone networks, and our primary name servers are housed at multiple secure, telco-grade, redundantly-connected locations, to avoid outages due to fiber cuts or power failures.

IP Space HIS full-time connections come with as much IP address space as you require, consistent with ARIN rules.
Common Features

HIS Webmail is a simple web-based email interface that allows HIS users to check their email with any web browser, and to send and receive attachments.

For @his.com or @hers.com addresses, it's https://webmail.his.com

For web hosting customers with plesk control panel, it's webmail.domain.com

24/7 Server Monitoring All HIS-hosted servers are tested once each minute to confirm that a) they're up and b) they're returning the correct data.  Every protocol (web, email, ftp, databases, etc.) is tested, and charts are drawn to document performance.  If a service is up but responding slowly, the server is flagged on our Network Operations status monitors, and pages are sent to appropriate personnel - this applies 24/7/365.  In addition to automatic alarms, our NOC staff visually scans all charts several times each day looking for performance anomalies that might not have been enough to set off alarms, but which still might indicate something that needs further investigation.

Sudden server failures are very rare but they do happen (all things mechanical and electrical fail sometime), but our monitoring techniques detect nearly all failure predictors long before they have performance impact, letting us switch sites to new servers, replace disks in RAID arrays, or make other adjustments before the failures actually occur.